Ainoa Productions Oy has released "The Brass Bandit Transaction" as a vinyl LP on March 4th 2022.  This is the third album from Helsinki based Forwardman, created by singer-songwriter Sakari Viittala. The 10-song album was digitally released in October 2021. Forwardman has strong roots and background in London, UK. Read more in the full BIO. Press photos HERE.

The production process of the new album started with the idea to try a (Bob) Dylanesque approach to a recording session. Musicians who had not previously met the songwriter Sakari Viittala, were invited for sessions at the Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo, Finland.

Songs from the album have gathered nearly a million plays on Spotify, and songs "Sleepwalk", "Deep Blue Dream" and "Rivers" are supported by music videos. Feel free to request a physical copy (Promo-CD can be sent to media outlets) for your review, feel not embarrassed by your craving for material things :) 


Album cover (download for media use)

Album Info:


RELEASE DATE VINYL LP 4.3.2022 / DIGITAL 29.10.2021 

1. Drifting 
2. Keep The Train Rolling 
3. Rivers 
4. Sleepwalk 
5. Deep Blue Dream 
6. Out Of The Ballpark 
7. Blue-eyed Boy Beat The Drum 
8. Rescue 
9. What The Brakes Are For? 
10. Purple Hearts 

All songs written by Sakari Viittala

Performed by: 
Sakari Viittala – Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitars, 
Electric Rhythm Guitar on "Deep Blue Dream" & "Purple Hearts" 
Magnus Strandvik - Electric Guitar & Guitar Solos, Acoustic Guitar on ”Rivers” 
Aleksi Hakala - Drums & Percussion 
Lasse Rantanen - Bass(es) 
Atte Tynys - Piano & Keyboards 
Leo Kylätasku - Trumpet 
Niko Kokko - Trombone 
Jari Kankare - Alto Saxophone  & Saxophone leads 
Ville Hoppu - Tenor Saxophone 
Ossi Saarikko - Hammond Organ on ”What The Brakes Are For?” 

Recorded at Magnusborg Studios, Porvoo 
Piano & Keyboards recorded at Hyvinkäänsali, Hyvinkää 
Vocals recorded by Sakari Viittala 
Alto Saxophone recorded by Jari Kankare 
Hammond recorded by Ossi Saarikko 

Produced by Sakari Viittala                                                                                                                                                        Engineered at Magnusborg & Hyvinkäänsali by Mauno Oikarinen 
Mixed by Joni Juden & Sakari Viittala
Digital Master by Petter Erikson                                                                                                                                             Masterd for vinyl by Pauli Saastamoinen