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May 2024

Finnish label Ainoa Productions has released the 4th Forwardman album "Stranded Future Soho Fugitive" as a vinyl 9.2.2024. The LP is available from record stores in Finland. You can order the LP via Record shop X they ship worldwide! The album is now available on all digital platforms incl. Spotify

Nordic Music Central has reviewed the final song from the album titled “Loose Ends”. They say “It’s one for playing when you’ve tired of mulling over the meaning of life and prefer to listen to it instead”. Read review

9.2.2024 I visited ROLL FM radio station. I had the pleasure to talk to Jukka Hampunen in his show “Lifetime Rocker” about showgirls, strippers, Slippery-Nick and other things connected to my new record. You can listen to this interview via mixcloud, it's in Finnish though.

“Voimapopin viikari vakuttaa” toteaa Juha Seitz Ilkka-Pohjalainen lehden arviossaan uudesta albumista, ja lisää "Teema-albumi valottaa kiehtovalla tavalla katuelämän kiihkeyttä". (linkki ei vie suoraan arvioon). 

Retrokkiblogin mukaan uudet laulut ovat "rosoista katujen musiikkia, eivät kevyttä pintaliitoa" ja sisältävät elementtejä joka "sirottelee teksteihin ja sävellyksiinkin taikapölyä". 

"whatever did this to him, also made him and the boys make the most fabulous music" Charles Connolly reviews the single “Soho Fugitive” and predicts a "humdinger of a record".

Also David Bentley of Nordic Music Central recognizes “real talent” in his "Soho Fugitive" single review. 

Single “Soho Fugitive” from the upcoming album was released on spotify 10.1.2024. Listen here

The new album follows “The Brass Bandit Transaction”, also released on vinyl by Ainoa in 2022. The LP is still avaible via Record Shop X. The 10-song powerpop album is also out on digital platforms incl. Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. The biggest Finnish music magazine Soundi reviewed “The Brass Bandit Transaction” in a positive manner and gave it 3/5 stars.

Rosoista katujen musiikkia, ei kevyttä pintaliitoa” - Retrokkiblogi


Voimapopin viikari vakuuttaa” - Ilkka-Pohjalainen


Humdinger of a record”

New Artist Spotlight

One for playing when you’ve tired of mulling over the meaning of life and prefer to listen to it instead” - Nordic Music Central

Nordic Music Central